Best running pants mens

OK I might be biased with this article but my best running pants of all times are the Nike ones. I have 2 pairs of DRY-fit and man aren’t they the best!

But wait there is more to it! We also have some serious contenders, like adidas, Under Armour and ASICS. Ready for a wild ride? Let’s go!

Firstly I apologize to everyone for talking for the next half hour about Nike but they really have great running pants and is not hard to get excited. Kidding, I won’t talk for that long about Nike. In fact, the other running pants I like: the Under Armour, the ASICS and the Adidas ones are as great looking as the Nike ones.

First of all let’s define what a great pair of running pants is, not necessarily in order:

  1. can be used all year round with exceptions of very low or very high temperatures
  2. are not shrinking if you put them in the dryer
  3. are breathable keeping sweat away
  4. look great and can be used outside not just for running but other outdoors activities
  5. don’t need to be ironed
  6. don’t get stained easily, black color preferred
  7. they dry up quick so if you wash them in a rush, they will dry up fast so you can go for a run in short notice
  8. they are elastic enough so they won’t keep you from widening your stride when jumping over a puddle and such
  9. they feel smooth on skin and around waist
  10. non-prominent stitching for great comfort

I’m not sure what exact model I have from Nike for my running pants but this is how they look:

my dry fit nike running pants

They are the most comfortable running pants I do have at the current moment so you can get there is a huge rush to always wash them after my runs so I can use them for the next one. A couple of things to notice here.

They have zipper pockets on both sides and one zipped pocket in the back, plus zippers at the bottom back of both legs. While I found the zipped pockets very useful so I can put my key, some paper towel or what not in my pockets, zip them up and run with peace of mind I won’t lose them, the zip at the bottom of the pants I rarely used. However I saw that because of that, the back of my pants show a little pocket because of continuously pulling my heels up the pants. So ideally you should always bring the zipper up, pull the pants then move the zip back down. But life is too short to do that so if you plan to buy running pants with zippers down there just make a note of this.

Just be aware, the zipped back pocket is very small. Don’t even think you can squeeze your phone in unless you have a very small phone like an iPhone 5. Considering the trend of every growing phone sizes, there is a small chance you will ever be able to keep the phone there. I use it for the entrance key.

Another thing if you see looking at the picture is that they feature some reflective elements, those squares at the top end of the zippers and there is also the Nike logo which I hadn’t caught in the picture.

One pro tip before I forget, because the sweat pants are usually made of synthetic materials, they don’t shrink. So whatever you buy they will stay the same even if you put them in the dryer machine. Make a note so you buy the size the fits you the best and not a larger one…

And one more thing before moving on with our article is that, my pants have some internal padding, it feels less synthetic and will help absorbing the sweat and heat and dissipating it outside. It’s a nifty little thing but it works wonders for me at least.

Nike Mens Flex Essential Running Pants look very similar with the Nike DRY-FIT with a couple of differences:
– the waistline is a bit tall and thick. More support if you do gym weights but less helpful for running. I would say it might bother creating some chaffing if you sweat a lot, see picture:

my Nike Mens Flex Essential Running Pants

– the bottom follow the same design, higher and thicker
– as you can see in the below picture, there are 2 reflective vertical lines on the front of the pants compared to 2 squares on the back on the DRY-FIT

my Nike Mens Flex Essential Running Pants

The only identical part is that both have zippers for the top pockets, there is a similar back/side small pocket with a zipper as well and of course we have zippers at the bottom of the legs. Also as with all Nike’s pants there is a reflective swoosh on the front of the pants.

What I like:

  • despite my comment above, I kind of enjoy the low-profile elastic waistband
  • very elastic, following my legs, no resistance felt
  • nice black color, stain free
  • nice touch feel fabric

What I don’t like:

  • you might be able to see through if they are very fit
  • careful with the sizing. I found it tricky especially when switching from one brand to another as one brand could be medium and another could be large and so on

Under Armour Men Challenger ii Training Pants are as great as Nike’s with a noticeable difference –
they don’t have a back zipper pocket. Not a biggie since the Nike’s one is very small and you can barely fit anything in except maybe the entrance key. Still great to have but the side pockets should be enough never the less.

my Armour Men Challenger ii Training Pants

Something I forgot to mention for both Nike’s and the UA pants is that they go very well with a tracking suit jacket. But this apply to all the running pants we are talking about today. Just a thing to consider when buying, you might want to pair the pants with a jacket.

What I like:

  • comes in multiple colors like: black, graphite and overcast grey
  • similar to Nike’s they are build from one piece of fabric – I don’t like stitched together parts, they might bother me when I run
  • zippers at the bottom of the pants

What I don’t like:

  • no back zipped packet
  • they might run short in size

If you like more a bit larger pants (not everyone is that confident to wear very fit pants), ASICS Men’s Aptitude 2 Running Pants could be a great option for you especially if you have bulkier legs.

Simple pants to put on a go for a run. The material is stretchable but I found Nike’s one better for that reason. The bottom zipps up as well. I found the fabric to be very breathable so they will keep u cool and dry.

Thin elastic waistline feels great when worn for prolong periods of time. No other prints except the Asics logo on the front right side.

What I like:

  • simple construction
  • durable
  • very breathable

What I don’t like:

  • one color, black only
  • I could use more pockets with zips
  • a bit to sporty for daily life

Another pair again a bit baggier if that’s what you’re after is Nike Men’s Therma Tapered Running Pants.

They look really good, I hope the pictures below made them justice:

my Nike Men's Therma Tapered Running Pants

This is a nice pair if Nike’s men’s jogging sweatpants with a couple of drawbacks. Firstly the pockets and the bottom of the legs have no zipps. Secondarily, the pants are stitched together out of a couple of parts. Personally not a fan of this as I mentioned already before but it could be something you might pick without problems.

my Nike Men's Therma Tapered Running Pants

Comparing to the other pants I checked for you today, this ones are built for winter – the Therma fabric will keep you legs warm during cold runs.

What I like:

  • simple construction
  • stretchable
  • nice pure black color

What I don’t like:

  • no zipper for side pockets and lower legs
  • could be to warm for treadmill

And finally, we are talking about adidas Men’s Response Astro Pants. Not to be confused with Lululemon Astro. Here is a picture from front and back (they look pretty):

my adidas Men's Response Astro Pants

So what’s different about these running pants? First thing you will notice is that they again, like Nike Men’s Therma Tapered Running Pants, stitched together from different pieces of fabric. Secondarily you will see the 3 stripes specific to the adidas brand. They also have zippers down the legs as you can see in the pictures:

my adidas Men's Response Astro Pants

Comes in black in a regular fit size.

I’m not gonna go into too much detail here since they are simple plants, great for running but with not much bells and whistles.

What I like:

  • simple pants, easy to use
  • feel great fabric
  • lots of sizes
  • great for indoors and outdoors running

What I don’t like:

  • no zipper for side pockets


When shopping for running pants for men, ask yourself this: Do I need something for outside or inside? If you need for both, Nike does a very good job, followed by Under Armour.

My UA pants have the waistline a bit to too tight for my taste (or maybe I gained some extra pounds and I didn’t know) but my Nike’s one are amazing.

Second question will be, do you run outside all year round and if you do, does it get very hot and very cold? If the temperatures varies a lot, my reco is to pick the Nike Therma pants. They don’t just look great but they also help you against cold.

For summer I would recommend either Nike DRY-FIT or shorts – but that’s for another review.

Under Armour along with Asics and Adidas are just as great as Nike so going with the brand is not needed necessarily. The most important factor is the fit when it comes to running pants – you need something that are stretchable, feel great on skin, keep the moisture away while keeping your muscle warm over running to prevent cramps and feeling cold.

That was all for today, let me know in your comments what you end up buying. I hope my reviews shed some light on the running pants for men on the market as we speak and that you found something that fits you well and encourage you to run more. Cheers!

Best running hats

Since is winter, at least here, why not talking about running hats? Bennies come in different forms, shapes and colors so it could be overwhelming to find something you would like. But I’m here to help you. Ready for it? Let’s go!

First of all, how much heat do you generate or in other words how much do you sweat? I’m somewhat in the middle of the pack, I know some friends I have they are all red faced when they run while others are cool as a cucumber. I’m sweating but not that much. I also noticed, I’m quite hot at the beginning of the run but after 10 km or so, my body cools that means I need a running hat that is warm but keeps the sweat away because the sweat is what gets me cold when my body stop generating that much heat.

Secondarily, where do you run, how cold it is out there? I’m in the northern hemisphere in a four seasons climate. The winters are harsh but is far from being North Pole which makes choosing a proper running hat a bit challenging. I really have to check the temperature twice and pay attention to the what is feels like with windchill before I chose the hat to wear.

Ideally, like with other running clothing, the running hats you will use will be breathable to keep the excessive body heat and sweat away. So let’s look at a couple of hats brands that I believe are great. I personally use Under Armour. I do it for years but they get quite sweaty so recently I started shopping to hats. Here are my findings, hopefully there is something for you as well.

One of the running hats that I like is this one from DDDW. I like that is simple and it comes in multiple colors. My all time favorite color for running gear is black but it’s great to have options just in case you want to match your non-black running clothes.
If you run in a windy area, this running beanie will help because it has an elastic closure. It’s simple but fashionable, it might make you look like a geek – a running geek that is. Made out of soft fabric will feel great and will leave your head dry when running. DDDW Beanie is neither thick or thin, just the perfect amount of fabric.

DDDW Beanie Hat Wool Skull Cap

Stuff I like:

  • simple yet modern could be worn by anyone, active or not
  • multiple selection of colors
  • great price
  • feels great, breathable

Things I don’t like:

  • depending on what you are used to wear it could feel cheap
  • non brand so if you are into brands it might not be something appealing

Another skull cap for running I noticed is this. Like the one I just talked, EPorter Skull Cap is a simple running cap that will also be great for all outdoors activities. If you complement your running with hiking, skying, cycling or whatever cool kids do these days, this running hat could be for you.

EPorter Skull Cap

The comparison between EPorter Skull Cap and DDDW Beanie end here though. EPorter Skull Cap has more to put on the table, or well, to put on your head if I’m allowed a little pun. Let’s see why I think this hat is great.

First of all, is better insulated against low temperatures, wind and rain.It’s made of a waterproof polyester, comes with fleece lining inside to keep you warm in the winter and cool when is warmer. It also covers well your ears. I use a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds when I run and I like when I can cover my ears to keep them from falling. This hat will help with that.

Another thing worth mentioning is how well done the flat stitching sewing is. You know when you are sweating that not-so-comfortable feeling you have with your hats that makes you keep adjusting them? Well, with this one all that goes away. Great!

If you read my article about finding a winter running jacket, one of the factors to count when looking for one was having reflective elements to make you easier to spot at night. EPorter Skull Cap has a 2 reflective logos. It’s seen obviously only from front but it’s still better than nothing.

What I like:

  • simple construction same as DDDW Beanie but with additional padding and weather protection
  • reflective logos in front and in the back
  • covering the ears
  • thick, resistant fabric

What I don’t like:

  • not as fashionable, it looks more like a sports hat than one to wear with your winter parka
  • only one color, black

With XGEAR Skull Cap we get into more technical thermal hats. This is a different level. First of all it’s designed for both men and women runners. The hat has a cut at the back for a pony tail. In my honest opinion looks great and I bet it could be very practical.

XGEAR Skull Cap

This one features reflective panels as well, one big X on the left side and 5 stripes on the right. Also like EPorter Skull Cap, this beanie covers your ears as well.

It’s snug but stretchable featuring a moisture wicking fabric that keeps you warm and dry. Could be worn under a bike helmet because it follows the helmet shape and it’s fit.

Things that I like:

  • made for sports people, it has everything someone would ask for
  • 2 reflective elements for night running similar to EPorter but sideways
  • keeps your ears warm for that long cold run
  • stretchable
  • winter proof against cold and rain

What I don’t like:

  • modern but not so fashionable, clearly designed with active people in mind
  • comes in one color, black
  • stitching a bit prominent might make it not-so-comfortable over long periods of time

If you run in really cold temperature I would say get the XGEAR Skull Cap. It really insulates you against the cold weather elements. Also the reflective panels are really a nice touch. If you want something in between fashionable and active gear go for EPorter Skull Cap. Though I must say EPorter Skull Cap could be as warm as XGEAR Skull Cap but is less sporty which makes it more adequate for other activities or just daily life in general. Does it work with office clothes? Probably not but the DDDW Beanie will. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preferences.

With these many options these days it’s really hard to not find something on your taste. Good luck with your shopping and let me know in your comments what running hat you end up getting. Cheers!

Best winter running jackets

The top 3 characteristics for great winter running jackets are:

  1. warm without getting you too sweaty
  2. lightweight
  3. optionally they need some reflective elements so you are easy to spot by drivers when you run at night

Again the last one is totally optional but believe me, as a runner who runs at night, ideally you want the jacket to be seen easily to keep you away from trouble.

Curently, I have two winter running jackets, one is Sugoi Rs 180 Jacket (mine is neon green, see picture below) and another from Saucony. I love both but for different reasons. Saucony is warm and has more pockets than Sugoi. It also has some padding so I can run usually in a thin long sleeve underneath when of course is not too cold, I think the coldest I could run like that was around -7C. But Sugoi is neon green and has a more sporty feeling to it, also great for biking providing a good low cover of your back.

my Sugoi Rs 180 running jacket

This is my Saucony winter running jacket:

my Saucony winter running jacket

There is a lot of personal taste when choosing running gear but no matter what are you going for after reading this article, I’m here to save you some time and present you with a couple of options. Ready? Let’s go!

Personally I’m not a big fan of hoodie jackets for running as the hoodie can get in the way but this jacket from Marmot is a steal, let me explain why. It’s light, easily packable when going for running trips other the ones in your neighborhood. It’s warm but breathable keeping the body warm and cozy without overheating. There is no jacket put there, not even the ones at a thousand dollars and up that won’t get you sweaty, I promise you that but Marmot Men’s Neothermo Hoody does a decent job and I was able to run at -20C with it and one of my long sleeves thin shirts and it felt great. It comes in multiple colors but I recommend darker colors, preferably black like the one in the picture below, as there is some sweating along the way and I don’t like showing it through my clothes. I’m guessing neither do you.

Marmot Men's Neothermo Hoody running jacket

Here in grey color which I don’t like that much as I prefer darker colors for my running gear…

my Marmot Men's Neothermo Hoody running jacket

Sporting a modern look is comfortable being lightweight and versatile meaning that you can grab some milk from your convenience store on your way back from running. Is made of Polartec fleece and offers a small but functional zip chest pocket, great for a key and maybe that Starbucks card. As you could see in the pictures it has elastic bound cuffs with integrated thumb holes. I don’t think I took advantage of the thumb holes more than a couple of times with all my jackets as I wear gloves but there have been a couple of times when I went meeting my running friends and I had forgotten my gloves home and those thumb holes kept my hand warm, at least partially.

Thing I like:

  • simple but stylish running jacket that can be worn for neighborhood little shopping at the end of the runs
  • warn and breathable, the Polartec will retain body heat but not much of the moisture
  • thumb holes but this is with a few exceptions the standard these days with winter running jackets
  • big sports brand committed to continuous improvements and innovation
  • pocket with zip helps not losing things like mittens, keys, phone, cards, etc
  • fit construction, looks great if you have a great body

Thing I don’t like:

  • only one pocket
  • no reflective elements for night run
  • not water repellent or waterproof
  • runs in a smaller size, something to consider if you buy online

Mizuno hits spot on with their running gear, at least with me. For example, one of the jackets I love from them is this Mizuno Running Men’s Static Breath Thermo Softshell Jacket. Don’t ask me what “static breath” means and why is it part of the jacket name but I’m telling you once you put it on you don’t want to take it off. Actually, I just looked into it and apparently there is some proprietary technology they use called Breath Thermo which makes the jacket feel warm in cold temperatures having an extremely lightweight outer shell bonded with Breath Thermo. This combination is supposed to keep the sweat away during running. It’s wind and water resistant.

My Mizuno Running Men's Static Breath Thermo Softshell Jacket

Thing I like:

  • Silver Grey reflective Mizuno Runbird logo with a 360 degree high candle safety reflectivity
  • light made out of a nice fabric inside out
  • 3 zip pockets
  • Thumb holes

Thing I don’t like:

  • depending where are you finding it to buy it, the price may be a bit steep
  • the end part of the sleeves where the thumb holes are, is not waterproof so if it rains or if you sweat a lot these areas will be dripping wet
  • not as breathable as other winter jackets I tried

And because I love Nike, I couldn’t have not mentioned this winter running jacket, a simple one with no bells and whistles but sometimes this is all we need. Think about coming back from a running, all sweating, hands and face cold, trying to find the entrance key. Would you want to have tons of pockets and an overly complicated jacket with layers and such or something simple? My running philosophy is: put it on, zip it up and go for a run.

So let’s talk about Nike Men’s Element Shield for a bit. I would really love to talk about this instead, but hey there is still -10C outside so I will leave that for later :/

But I digress, so back at our Nike Men’s Element Shield. Something that I truly enjoy about Nike is their Dri-FIT technology they use in a lot of their products.

I have 2 pairs of running pants from Nike, both with Dri-FIT and I gotta say they stay warm on me even on the most intense running (the sub 5 min per kilometer). So it comes to me that Dri-FIT is a great thing to have. This jacket is made of Dri-FIT 89% polyester with 11% spandex. Features a clean look and lightweight sporty fit with a soft feel fabric. Another thing I enjoy with Nike running gear is that they all have some sort of reflective elements that enhance visibility at night. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, reflective running gear is great to have.

I don’t know where you live but down here there is 4-5 months of winter in a year which means a lot of darkness, low visibility and bad weather so if you can go for something reflective.

Thing I like:

  • Dri-FIT to keep you warm and dry
  • simple construction, easy to put on and take off
  • reflective
  • very breathable

Thing I don’t like:

  • no pockets
  • the price might be higher than your usual
  • no protection for wind and rain


As with everything in life, a lot of our purchases are based on personal preferences and winter running jackets make no exception. However if I had to recommend something is going with a big brand like Marmot, Saucony, Sugoi or Nike. The continually improve their products and even if their price might appear steep at first, it pays off in long run. Pun intended.
My favorites remain Saucony, Sugoi and Marmot. Not a big fan of Saucony running shoes just because they always have some rubber / plastic going around the toes box (I prefer knit fabric) but I must say they know how to make great running jackets.

As always let me know in your comments what did you like and end up buying. Cheers, your running mate.

Top 3 best running shoes for wide feet

I don’t have wide feet but wide shoes always make me feel comfortable especially when I run. Hence when I’m shopping for running shoes I try to buy wide when possible. Unfortunately not all brands carry wide but that’s why I’m here, to help you find a nice pair of wide running shoes that will help you go the extra distance. Literally. On board? Let’s do it!

The trick when choosing wide shoes is not only the width but also the material they are made of. People with wide feet have also sensible toes, especially the little one. It’s happening over the years because of bad shoes. So when buying wide shoes it’s important that the upper mesh to be comfortable. Personally I love sock like shoes so if we can find a couple of pairs for you to chose from that wrap your feet like a sock that would be perfect.

Another trick when choosing running shoes is to pick one size bigger because when you run there is increased blood flow in your body especially in your legs and feet and the swelling during the run and post run will make your feet expand.

So this is what we’re looking:
– size E, 2E or 4E for men
– size E or 2E for women
– sock-like knitted top mesh
– pick up one size bigger

4E is considered extra wide for men and 2E is considered extra wide for women. Some brands like Nike use X-Wide instead of 4E as in the table below:

nike wide and extra wide sizes

First thing we will do is identifying what brands out there make wide shoes. Like I said not all of them do that or at least not all models are coming in wide sizes.

One pair of shoes I truly like are Axelion from Puma. Puma might not be the most popular brand among runners these days but man aren’t they comfy!

Mens Axelion Wide Running Shoe

Made of a breathable knit fabric with good cushion inside, great heel and mid foot support and durable carbon rubber to last long on pavement running these shoes are not only great for running but could be used anytime as day shoes as well because they look great.

My pair of Mens Axelion Wide Running Shoe

They come in various colors, mostly available on Amazon, like Asphalt Black, Black & White, Puma Black Quiet Shade, Quarry-quiet Shade-red Dahlia, Sodalite Blue-puma Black, Sodalite Blue-puma Black and my favorite color Puma White-gray Violet.

Things I like:

  • the upper breathable mesh offering a nice snug
  • wide selection of colors
  • could be use as daily shoes as well – meet for a run with your friends then change clothes and go enjoy a nice cold after run tea
  • no plastic / rubber around toes gives a true sock feeling
  • soles with memory gel for comfy walk / run

Things I don’t like:

  • the back heel part is a bit too high and might bother with ultra low no-show socks. When buying this you may need to also look for socks that go with it.
  • the hard inner / outer material while locking down the feet might feel rough on long runs
  • much heavier than my Under Armour Bandit 3. Puma weight: 13 oz vs 9.14 oz
  • rubber sole with not a pronounced thread might be slippery on wet pavement. Definitely not a trails shoe

Another wide running shoe that I like is Nike Men’s Revolution 3. This shoe has a great upper mesh too. You can see a pattern of what I like I guess already, don’t you? But the truth is, once you try knit-fabric type of shoes it’s hard to go for anything else. It feels that good.
Nike Mens Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Made out of a breathable upper mesh, phylon foam for added cushioning and comfort and a responsive but long lasting rubber outsoles these shoes are great for running being very light (even lighter than my Bandit 3 under Armour at only 8.8 ounces), very breathable, responsive with a good pavement grip and stylish as well.
Nike Mens Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Things I like:

  • wide size and a great selection of colors to chose from
  • great fit, easy to put on and take off
  • very light, like I mentioned above they are even lighter than my Under Armour, at only 8.8 ounces
  • sock feeling
  • good grip on the sidewalk

Things I don’t like:

  • like with all Nike shoes and products in general, the price could be an issue. The best part is there are plenty of Nike clearance stores to hunt around for a price that fits your budget
  • the laces and insoles may appear thin and less durable though I found them sturdy enough for at least a full year of running
  • depending on how heavy you use them, they construction might not be as sturdy this being in part because of the knit shoe style there is not much reinforcement. They feel great and comfortable at the price of not being that sturdy.

Next is Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 Running Shoe.

This shoes are light, good looking and easy on the feet yet sturdy and will last long. I found them great for both long distance (I run up to 30 km sometimes up to 35 km at once in my training) but for speed work and hill work as well.

Breathable, good heel lock, looking stylish with thick foam outsoles, I like, Ravenna 10 are ones of my favorite. Just a note before buying, because of the high arch these shoes won’t work that great for neutral runners.

Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 Running Shoe

With a 9.4oz just short of the 9.14oz compared with Under Armour Bandit 3 (and just .4oz heavier than Brooks Mens Launch 6), these shoes hit all the marks – good looking, light, comfortable and durable.

Talking about Brooks launch 6 I really like this color: Blue/Teal/Nightlife:

Or this (Oh, hey America!). But more about Brooks brand and why I believe they make great running shoes in a future post.

Things I like about Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 Running Shoes:

  • looking very good, great for both running and that stroll in the park
  • added support to help non-neutral runners
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole provides responsiveness but great cushioning as well
  • GUIDERAILS HOLISTIC SUPPORT SYSTEM to help reduce the strain on the knees therefore less knee pain and issues
  • great for all type of running from long distance to speed and track work, inside on the treadmill as well as on the road

Things I don’t like:

  • the upper mesh like with any other highly breathable knit type of fabric might wear off easily
  • not a big fan of the back of the shoe, I believe is prone to chafing with lowe profile socks so you might need taller socks
  • if you are coming from Ravenna 9 these shoes might feel not as comfortable as 9

All 3 wide running shoes I talked about today are great but for different reasons. Out of all 3 Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 seem to be the one covering the largest type of running (track, road, treadmill, speed work or long slow runs). Nike Men’s Revolution 3 are stylish and more with the modern trends in fashion and could be word easily as street sneakers as well for running. Versatility is not their strongest point though, what I think they really thrive for is the fact that they are very light, feel very good and provide great breathability so depending on the amount of effort you put in during your runs as well as the climate you run in, Nike Men’s Revolution 3 could be the best wide running shoes to run in heat.

I left Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 to be the last not because they are last but quite the opposite, because they are my favorite. Probably I like them so much because they are stylish but practical as well. I could definitively imagine myself wearing them with jeans at work then changing to running shorts and running the neighborhoods. Because the shoes these days have to be versatile, it’s a pace world the one we are living in and being able to switch easily from one type of activity to another is great.

No matter what shoes you decided to buy out of these 3 ones, you cannot go wrong. Let me know in your comments what you like and what you don’t if you decided to go with one or another.

What shoes I’m running with

I used to run with a pair of Merrell Bare Access 4 running shoes, then I changed to New Balance 680v3 Tech Ride. At some point afterwards I also bought a pair of Skechers Skech-Knit. They are all great for different reasons.

But my all times favourites and the ones I am currently running with are Under Armour Bandit 3 which now while visiting the website I’m just seeing are actually for women. Well, I feel great in them so who cares really. I like them so much that I got 2 pairs, one in the grey color below and another blue ones. I alternate running with them and still my soles are pretty much done after running for only one year or so.

Under Armour bandit 3 running shoes

Now that I think about, I realize I have 2 pair of shoes, 2 pair of gloves, 3 running caps, 2 pair of pants and one running beanie, all from under Armour. I guess I just like the brand. Great prices and great quality that’s for sure.

The Merrell shoes I have which I use mostly for gym / running on treadmill, are minimalist running shoes, great shape with a low profile, zero drop heel-to-toe and not much cushioning. They feature EVA/Vibram rubber outsole with the perfect anatomic toe box for me – they are roomy so I can spread my toes easily. They just feel great. Thinking of them, I better buy now 1-2 more pairs just in case they discontinue soon. Wait, never mind, I cannot find them on the Merrell website anymore but I can still see stores selling them. If you like minimalist running shoes go grab a pair, you won’t regret it.

Merrell Bare Access 4 running shoes

There is one catch though with minimal shoes. While I definitely love the barefoot format, the fact that I have plantar fasciitis, restricts me from wearing anything that doesn’t have enough cushion. To compensate that I use additional insoles that protect me. They felt a bit weird at the beginning but I eventually got used to them.

The New Balance running shoes I barely use anymore. But they are the ones I used for pretty much all my runs in the past when I started running. They have a lot of cushion and good road grip as well. They are great for running on both hard pavement and trails.

More snug on my feet than any other shoe, the hard material rubbing against my toes bothers me when I run. Thank god, no blisters or hot spots but I wish the upper fabric is more shear and easy on my feet. They bothered me from day one but I didn’t return them thinking they will break-in eventually. They never did. They are not that roomy as Merrells and far away from being as comfy as Under Armour. Despite the fact that they offer more impact protection through the over-sized midsole and beside being more responsive, they are not my favorites, unfortunately.

New Balance 680v3 Tech Ride

Another pair I bought which I only used occasionally for running and mostly for daily activities, are Skechers. Due to the toe splay and the snug mid foot area they wrap around my feet like a sock and I cannot get enough of that hug. They are the most comfortable shoes I ever had and absolutely a pleasure to wear them on a daily basis, all day long. But they aren’t that great for running. They lack grip (the sole is not firm at all) and they are bouncy. Truth to be told, I have had more knees pain from them than with the less cushioned Merrell ones.

Reebok Skech-Knit

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for running, you might ask, what are the best running shoes out there? And more important, what’s that one thing that matters? Is it the form factor, the sole, the material, the amount of cushion, the weight or what is it that makes a pair of running shoes great? Or, are they all important factors?

For me personally, a perfect running shoe is the one with no hard parts around toes, laces or back where there Achilles tendon is. It has to be light with a soft yet sturdy upper mesh that will snug my feet like a sock, tight enough to give me good stability but comfortable and with a great toes space. I want something that provides good heel support and great grip on slippery wet sidewalks. Lastly but not last I want it to be breathable, with just enough cushion to be flexible and finally to not buckle.

Here’s a wrap up for you:

  • soft but sturdy fabric
  • great pavement grip
  • solid locked heel support
  • breathable textile

What shoes are you running with and what do you look for when buying?

Why I never said a word about my second marathon

In May 2019 I took on the Toronto Marathon, finishing in 3 hours 23 minutes which is an excellent time considering my age, the fact that I have a full time job (plus long commute) and that I am quite new to running which I started in 2017. So why I never mentioned it?

One of the reasons is that once I’ve got onto the marathons bandwagon (read my blog post about my first marathon) it didn’t feel that thrilling anymore though again, my time was pretty good and I was very happy with my accomplishment.

Initially I thought to give it some time then write something useful for wannabe marathon runners. But I felt like everything has already been said somewhere on the web. I still kept thinking about an article which eventually never came to fruition till now. Call it busy life, neglect, lack of interest into writing. The time went by.

There was also some frustration I had with the race. I don’t want to talk too much about it so I will only mention it down below. But I was really pissed off at that time so I would have had talk for too long about bad stuff had I had written an article right after. So I took my time. Maybe too much of it.

In the picture is me with my handsome son, which now is almost as tall as me, at the finish line of the Toronto Marathon 2019.

me and my handsome son at the finish line of the Toronto Marathon 2019

Why am I writing now, after almost one year? Because there are a couple of things worth mentioning. I also want to compare a bit Scotiabank marathon and the Toronto marathon and why you might want to do one over the other. That is if you have to choose. Ideally you will signup for both, not necessarily in the same year but at some time in your running journey.

So what was great about the Toronto Marathon?

Firstly the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, around 10C. I mean, seriously what could you ask for more?
Secondarily the course has a lot of downhill, not that much to damage your knees (yes, in fact running downhill could be more damaging to your knees than uphill) but enough to help you get a good time, no matter what target you have in mind.

Another reason I liked it is again related to the course. I loved it. I used to live in the area and being able to see it again over a competition was one of the pinnacles. The race started north of Finch on Yonge. We went a bit up from there, then south on Yonge to Davisville then into the beautiful (multi-million houses) neighborhood of Forest Hill for a bit then south towards the lake, west towards High Park and then finally ending at City Hall where the finish line was.

Toronto Marathon 2019 - me with my big ass race medal

The medal was one of the reasons I signed up. You see, I knew it you will laugh. But that piece of metal is for some of us at least, all it matters. That shinny metal to hang on the wall is what we are running 42.2 km. Why I liked it? Because it’s HUGE!

What was wrong about it?

The race organization was a disaster. The majority of the hydration stations carried water and not Gatorade though funny enough the cups were Gatorade. You would stop for a Gatorade and instead you would end up chugging on water. I stopped at probably 75% of them and I only got Gatorade 3-4 times. That is really bad. You need everything you could get to be able to run 42.2 km. Sugary drinks, snacks, gels. Whatever you can get. Well, enough said I haven’t gotten much from the hydration stations. I almost run the entire time on my GU energy gels and water. Gatorade was a high commodity. I would have expected something better from a $150 race. Oh by the way, I heard the European races are easily half price, e.g. the Barcelona marathon I heard is around 60 bucks. I bet is also better organized.

The second thing that bothered me was the (almost) complete absence of toilets. After my first 2-3 GUs I ran into some GI trouble and I thought for a while to stop at a washroom. Well I didn’t see any and luckily I started feeling better and I end up finishing with a nice time though missing the Boston Qualifier Time by around 3 minutes. Had I knew I will be so close to it I would have had forced a bit more. But my target time was a more modest one, 3 hours and 30 minutes so everything better was just a surprise for me. I finished my first marathon in 3 hours and 53 minutes so I calculated that 3 hours and a half could be a really amazing time for my second. Instead I ended up shaving 30 minutes. Crazy.

Toronto Marathon 2019 - at the beginning of the race

The third thing and the last that went bad at the Toronto marathon was the lack of people on the side along with not much guiding signs. And I’m not talking necessarily about fans but organizers / volunteers. There are some areas, especially down by the lake on the last legs of the race where hadn’t I had someone in front of me so I can guide myself (God bless I’m not that fast to be the first haha), I wouldn’t have known where the course is.

One of the reasons for all this failure I think it was because the Mississauga Marathon happened in the exact day with the Toronto Marathon. Hence the low participation and the lack of people taking a proper care of the event.

What contributed to my marathon success?

Toronto Marathon 2019 - me with David Lung, a very good runner from Rockies Road Runners group
David Lung (me and him in the picture), my friend from the Rockies running group came by and gave me a great pace over the last kilometers of the race and that contributed greatly to my time. Having someone to motivate you before finish is very encouraging. I hope I will pay him back one day. That was an awesome act of friendship! Thanks David!

Also running for years with the Rockies Road Runners group as well as with the Warriors (especially the hills program they do from January til March) were other two factors contributing to my success. Running with a group is essential for multiple reasons and I will talk about them in more detail in a future article but if I had to pick one reason alone it will be the feeling it gives you when running with others, the friendship, the common goals and motivation. The feeling of being part of something great. And that is running.

Scotiabank Marathon v. Toronto Marathon, what should you choose?

Toronto Marathon 2019 - right before the race start - clearly not as crowded as Scotiabank race
Obviously I haven’t gotten the chance yet to participate in other marathons but I just wanted to say right of the get go that Scotiabank Marathon is an excellent race to start with. It’s very well organized, the course is amazingly taking you from east to west along the lake (this race is also called Toronto Waterfront Marathon, get it?) so if the weather is hot the lake effect will cool the air for you. Scotiabank Marathon is a much bigger race in terms of participants and volunteers. It also gave me the feeling there was much more police. I remember at some point over the Toronto marathon, the police asked us to stop so cars can go through. That never happened with Scotiabank Marathon – the police would stop any car and would always let us go first – well, we were the ones against the clock, remember it was a race!

Toronto Marathon 2019 - photo taken by the race officials

The terrain is more favorable in the Toronto Marathon because a big chunk of the course is downhill which helps a bit.

Both races are Boston qualifiers so if your interest is into running the Boston marathon, you won’t go wrong with any of them. Just watch your time and make sure what’s the qualifying time for your age and gender.

You really cannot go wrong with any of these races but if I would had the chance to chose I would go with Scotiabank.

This was my little late update on the race, more like a rant but believe me I’m being more civilized now than I would have been should I had written the article right after the race. I hope I shed some light over the Toronto Marathon and that it helps you decide if it’s something for you or not.

Cheers, see you on the road!

How to choose a running watch

First and foremost you’ve got to be serious about running. So the first question is:

1. For how long are you running and for long do you think you will?

I’m running from 2017 and I like it. I don’t think I will stop soon so a big money investment in a sports watch is justified. I also used Fitbit for about 10 years and I know I will always like wearing a sports watch. They are sometimes bulky. At least mine is but I sleep, work, run and even take showers with my Garmin Fenix 5 Plus watch. So the question really is, how serious are you about using it?

If you are running for some time (months but preferably years) then you know for sure the money won’t go to waste if you buy something expensive. And, be sure sports watches can be very expensive. The latest line from Garmin and especially Marq Driver is 2,500 USD. I don’t know you but that’s a helluva lot of money for me.

2. What brands of watches are your running friends using?

This is not to gain some social status or more acceptance and love from your running friends. It’s not even about staying on top with the latest trends in terms of sports watches. It’s simply because, being in the same ecosystem with your friends will help you run more. Call it piers pressure, motivation or whatever you want, it helps. When I was using Fitbit I would die to be number one in the weekly or daily steps challenge. I’ve been like that for years. It could be that I am competitive in that aspect but oh boy, what better motivation is than being on top of your friends list for the longest distance for running every single time.

So if your majority of friends is with Apple then get an Apple watch. If they are with Garmin go get a Garmin. It will help to see how you stack against your running friends.

3. Obscure brand? Forget about it!

Buying a watch from an obscure brand won’t be good for you for a number of reasons:
– there are not a lot of people using it so that means you won’t be able to see how your running improves in time compared to others
– small brand = small support. It could be they are in the game for the quick gain, hit – collect the cash and run.
– there is a big chance if the product is not successful enough they won’t have the money power to continue improving the products and come up with better versions
– ultimately, small products may lack product integration with apps e.g. the watch you buy might not sync with Strava. Which beings me to the next questions:

4. Does it have an app for your phone? Does it work with Strava?

They usually do but don’t be surprised if the sports watch you think of buying doesn’t have. Also it’s important to have an app like Strava to sync with your watch. The reason for using Strava or any other sports app is because it acts like a hub – you change your watch brand but you are still able to keep track of all of your running activities. Having a way to go back in time and see how much you ran 10 years ago is very rewarding. I used to sync my Fitbit with Strava before having my Garmin and I could see all my runs in the Strava dashboard. Sweet!

5. Build in GPS is a must!

Imagine you run in a hot sunny day in the heat of the summer with just a tank top (maybe topless?) and a pair of shorts with no pockets. What are you going to do with your iPhone 11 Pro Max? Carrying it in your hand while running 20k?!? What, are you crazy? (I did it, I carried my Samsung Note8 phone in my hand for a couple of runs, switching from left to right and back, it’s not fun). So the solution is having a watch with builtin GPS so you can leave the phone home. There is no way around it, just do it.

6. Built-in storage for music is a must!

My Fenix 5 Plus has music storage so I can drag & drop music from my computer or I can listen to Spotify offline. I don’t know about you but running with music makes a big difference to me. It’s because running is not always enjoyable. Sometimes it just feels like work and having a little distraction like listening to a good playlist or a podcast or an audio book makes it more pleasant. I know people in my running groups running without music and that is fine but if you are like me you will love to have music on your wrist streamed to your bluetooth earbuds. Or at least I do.

7. Built-in heart rate 24/7 monitor is a must!

One of the measurements helping you figuring out how fit you get over time with running is seeing your heart rate. If you see a descended trend, meaning your heart rate is lower now than 1 year ago when you are running, that means your fitness level improved, your heart and cardiovascular system are well trained. Also having a heart rate sensor on the back of your running watch will help you not over-train. For example I check my heart rate every few minutes because I try to stay below 170 beats per minute. There is even a name for that, HR (heart rate) based training, when you base your running solely on the HR. My watch also tells me the VO2 Max level based on the HR sensor as well. VO2 max is an important indicator of your fitness telling you how much of the oxygen your lungs get your body uses to output in the effort. It’s complicated – if you are just starting with running, HR and VO2 Max might not be something of interest but you will find all these numbers interesting pretty soon.

The list can go on and on. At the end of the day we all have personal preferences and they can weight a lot in the decision to buy a running watch. So if there is one last important thing to mention here, at least for me, is:

8. How good is the battery?

I was lucky enough to have a decent battery for all the smart watches / running watches I owned. By decent I mean at least 2-3 days. I owned one of the initial bands from Fitbit, then Fitbit Charge, then Fitbit Versa first generation and now, as I already mentioned, I have a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. I love my Garmin because of all I had, it lasts the longest, up to 10 days with no GPS. Every run takes in average 20% of the battery, more or less depending on what watch face I use, how many time I check the watch when I run and so on. I don’t have to say why a long lasting battery has advantages, I’m pretty sure you know the pain of running out of battery for any gadget you pwn (smartphone, watch, etc) and not being able to charge it when you need it.

I hope my article helps you find the best watch for you.

Scotiabank Marathon – my 1st

I kept going back and forth in my mind with the decision to sign up or not for a couple of weeks way ahead of the race. Around 1.5 months before it happened, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018, scared and excited in the same time. I mean what could have been more exciting than a first marathon? Well, not so fast.

I will always be on the cautionary side when it comes to big steps and believe it or not, signing up for the first marathon is a big one no matter how trained you are or you think you are. Running 42.2 km or 26.2 miles is not something to put you at peace at night even if you sign up 6 months or one year in advance. Maybe my self esteem is not sky rocketing and to be honest it never was. But it might or it might not be a confidence thing. After all, aren’t we all runners a bit crazy? Ever seen a crazy man lacking confidence? I don’t think so. My point? I don’t know, I was scared shitless when I clicked the registration button. Then I was excited, then scared again. This, for a couple of hundreds of times until the race day.

After signing up I was more like, shit I will run like a cheetah. So I kept reading anything I could find online about running marathons, calculating finishing time based on my current pace and so on. I even thought at some point based on my training pace, I could actually finish in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Which ended up to be far away from the truth, not that I went for that time anyway to begin with.

Something funny I read just before the race was How to lose a marathon – very motivational in fact despite the name and of course as you can guess based on the title, hilariously written as well. I definitely recommend you to read it – you can find it in digital format as well if you are anything like me and for whatever weird reasons you prefer reading on a Kindle or Kobo as I do (nerds, I know).

So initially I though I will try my best because it’s my first and it will always be my base to compare with the next marathons.

But one day, someone beautifully said, just enjoy it, it’s your first, make it fun. And fun it was from the start to the end. I laughed, waved my hands, high-fived adults and kids on the side, you name it. I even did a little bit of dancing when the music was booming, cranked some big smiles and showed the ok thumbs-up sign every time someone would cheer for me. Some people even screamed my name which really put a smile on my face and a spring in my steps.

Race day attitude = fuck it, let’s do it.

So here I am, among some 26,000 runners, on a cold Sunday on October 21, 2018, waiting for the starting gun for my first marathon ever. I drove from Milton and left the car parked for free at Yonge and Eglinton Community Centre but I came at the race start line a bit overdressed with a warm layer under my winter running jacket. The jacket doesn’t look like much but I knew it will get me really hot and sweaty after the first kilometers, no matter how slow I would run. And for god sake, it’s a marathon so I didn’t intend to run it slow necessarily.

I’m lying, I was slow.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018

I ran slower than a turtle the first 2-3 km, around 6 min per kilometer. We started at the City Hall, on University Avenue and the course took us north to Bloor, then west for a bit just to go back down south and right on Gardinier to High Park. Then back on Lakeshore and Gardinier, a hint north towards cabbage town with a loop on queen street, south again and left towards Woodbine. Then back to the finish line which was the same place we started the race at the City Hall.

I started slow and steady and I continued on an ascending trend throughout the whole race. Checked on my breathing, making sure I don’t go too fast too soon but I noticed how easily is to go faster (or slower) while running with other people – it is distracting. For that reason I tried to not pay much attention to other runners, stay inside my head, listen to 2pac and enjoy it. It felt like a celebration and it’s been a beautiful day 100% . It’s the way every race day should feel for everyone. We are for so many times too entangled in the pace and finish time numbers unfortunately, to be able to enjoy it.

I definitely took advantage of all encouragements from the side and they have been of great help. Thank you to everyone cheering at the race, you guys are all beautiful! Well, it’s most likely this page will be read by one person only BUT if you happen to be one of those amazing people, I would love to meet you for a beer one day. I’m serious!

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018

I wish I can do what other runners do on their blogs when talking about the race they just finished, going kilometer after kilometer and writing about the things they felt, what was in their minds, how much water they had at every aid station, how many times they stopped or where they used the running gels. But I have no recollection of what happen to me other than my Jabra Elite Sport bluetooth earbuds dying around kilometer 33 leaving me to run the most difficult part of the race with no music to take my mind away from my beaten body. Blurg!

Ohh, I also remember seeing the elite runners (we called them Kenyans though most likely they are from more than one African country) coming fast from the opposite direction while I was running towards High Park. I even remember asking myself, how long is still left to reach the western point in the race since these guys are already back??? By the time I was at the location I’ve seen them, I already forgotten about it, that’s how long it was. They are fast. Actually I just saw the other day this 1 hour documentary about the first atempt done by Nike to break the 2 hour in a marathon. Unsuccessful but hey even the 2 hours and 25 seconds that Eliud Kipchoge runner managed to pull off is completely INSANE! I mean seriously, my BIB time was 03:53:09.7. Eliud Kipchoge pretty much finished in half my time. Comparing apples and oranges but still, these guys are something else.

The second part of the race was pretty much all a blur. I remember pushing harder on the last 2 km. Before the finish line I first heard a friend of mine, an Ironman veteran calling out my name while taking some shots of me (the only ones I have since I didn’t want to pay an additional $50 for the official race pictures – I already paid $150 for the race so paying an aditional $50 was a no-no).

Then I heard Robert, my son’s excited voice right before he started moving towards the finish line. However they made it difficult for people to join you or hug you at the end of the race.
He wanted to run with me the last hundreds of meters but he couldn’t get on the race path. I called my wife after getting the finisher medal and I met her, my son and my Ironman friend with his wife where the street food trucks are on Queen, right in front of the City hall.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018 Results

Man, a marathon can mess up so bad with your head. I was one kilometer away from the finish line and for whatever reason I thought a marathon is actually 41.2 and not 42.2 kilometers so I stopped the Jabra app on my phone one kilometer short. I realized the mistake shortly after and the thought of not being able to have a full marathon distance logged in as done is bugging me ever since.

Hydration is crucial. I stopped pretty much at all water stations. I started trying to gulp the water down while moving and that was a big mistake, I almost choked at my very first stop. After that I literally stopped every time, drink then go back at running. That definitely added up time but I found this method to work the best for me. They were handling running gels at some points in the race but I had mines with me and I didn’t want to risk it so I went with what I knew, chugging them down here and there throughout the race. The constant hydration and the gels helped tremendously along with the side cheers.

It might be that the stations with water were exactly the ones I skipped but all the ones I stopped were handling Gatorade. I am not against Gatorade at all but I wish I could have had some water along the way. Still, one thing I noticed at this race and other, the Gatorade they give to runners is not as sugary as the one I buy at the store. Which is great but still water is water and I really felt like I could have used it.

I run the races alone not because I am a loner, in fact I love running with others but because it’s hard if not impossible to find someone running the same pace. Now I’m thinking there should be an app or website to hookup runners like Tinder does for dates. I would be definitely checking it out. Should be great to have someone to train for races. I have my running friends to whom I enjoy running with and it’s plenty of fun, I just wish I can also run races side by side with them.

I did it, I ran my first marathon, my mind already racing thinking of the marathons will take on moving forward. I was emotional and the cold also started getting at me.

I made 2 major mistakes, not taking a backpack with changes to swap clothes after the race and secondarily I didn’t get the thermal foil they handle to runners when you are done running. I couldn’t wait to get in the warm hotel lobby across the street while figuring out where we can go eat something. Met Matt, my running friend from the running group Rockies I run on Saturdays with, he did the full marathon as well and since he didn’t have any use for the thermal foil I just asked him for it. Damn, it looks ridiculous but you know what, it keeps you warm. I walked like that to the food place, medal on and a big grin on my happy face.

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018 - me and my son Robert

Walking around the City hall, there was a big sign 42.2 and people were lining up to take pics. I cut in front of everyone without seeing that there was a line, my son and my friends took some pics of me, then I saw some angry faces and realized, oops I cut in front of these guys. I managed to put on a smile and to say sorry, my head down but hey no one threw anything at me! I was safe! haha

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2018

I sent my friend from Romania the link to the live race coverage telling him what clothes I have but imagine 30k runners plus probably the same amount on the side. Even if I had worn the most colorful running gear, the chances to spot someone in that ocean of people is ZERO. Except if you are one of the race favorites which obviously wasn’t the case with me.

What I will do different next time

1. First and foremost I will make sure I will take more running clothes with me – a backpack to drop off with he organizers and pick off once I am done.

When I left Milton it was one temperature, when I arrived at the starting line it was a different thing. Weird enough it felt colder and not warmer as expected if you look at the 2-3 hours difference. It was most likely the lake effect. However I wish I brought with me the sub zero fleece. I could have run with that only. One of the reasons I didn’t purchased the official race pictures is because I look like a bag of potatoes in my running gear, my pockets stuffed with my gloves and visibly overdressed.

2. I will make sure I had my bluetooth earbuds tested properly for long distance runs. One thing I did wrong is activating the hear through feature which I believe it drained the life of the battery, hence them dying well ahead of the finish. Also probably, wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the voice readouts spaced out even more. I had them set to every 2 kilometers but I’m thinking I can set them to 6 or 7 km (6 – 7 readouts over 42k).

Probably turning the music one notch down and disabling the HR monitor would have helped the battery stay alive throughout the entire race. The HR monitor seems to be way off anyway, or at least comparing with my Fitbit Versa, is about 20 bits per minutes higher. Not sure which one is more closer to reality. Needs testing for sure.

3. I will make sure I will use gels more often and test a bunch of them way ahead of the race day. I never ran with gels before and I only got to test the ones I bought from Running Room, one week prior the race when I was practically in my taper phase. I only used 2 gels and I hoped they won’t make me poop my pants or even worst, take me completely out of the race. It didn’t happen but like they say, don’t change anything in the race day. Same shoes, same clothes, same everything. It applies for nutrition and hydration as well.

4. If I want a better time at the next race I will have to push harder. I think I will start doing that somewhere in the middle of the race. 6 min per km for the start should be reasonable but I really need to run faster if I want a better time. My goal is 3 hours and 30 minutes but I really don’t see that possible in the near future, not with my current level of fitness anyway. To be able to finish with that time I need to race in 4 min and 58 seconds per kilometer. That is not necessarily a crazy pace on a regular 20 even 30 km of training runs but it could be hard over 42.2 km.

A more realistic time will be 3 hours and 40 minutes which is 5 min and 12 seconds per kilometer. My preferred pace for my weekly runs is about that. Sustaining that speed over a full marathon distance is a completely different ask. Anyway, shaving 13 minutes off the current time would be a great accomplishment. So most likely, or at least as of now, I think I will try to finish in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Goal all set, ready to start the work on the next!

5. I will take that thermal foil and use it. It really is a life saver. I was wet and cold and I felt miserable. This shouldn’t happen again.

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This summarize it. Thanks for reading, see you on the run or at the race! And don’t forget to comment if you feel so.

Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

Is Running Good For Weight Loss
Is Running Good For Weight Loss

Probably there is no other question about running than this one. In short, yes, running is an incredible way to lose weight. Not only is it a great form of exercise…you can have great fun while doing it! One of the major reasons why running is great for weight loss is that it can become addictive so you might end up running for fun while losing weight. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

By now, we’ve all heard of the ‘’runners high’’. It’s a genuine phenomenon that happens to everyone. Before we get into all that good stuff though…

Running Is One Of The Oldest Sports In The Whole World!
The oldest recorded, in fact. For as long as humans have been alive…we’ve been running. The earliest recorded Olympic Games in ancient Greece were in 776 BC! The history of the Olympic Games is quite interesting. Whether for fun, sport or even for hunting…running has been a staple exercise for humans.

Running is an Addictive Way to Lose Weight!
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually be addicted to daily exercise? Running works just like that. There are several reasons why running is not only a great way to lose weight, it’s actually addictive. Here are a few reasons…

The runner’s high is a real thing. The runner’s high is when your body gets a rush of endorphins while exercising. You’ll feel a sensation of pleasure come over you as you run. It could be 15 minutes into the run…or even 30 minutes into your run, it’ll come over you and it will feel great!

Here’s another major key: When you run (if you do it outside) it’s almost like taking a trip! If you run throughout your neighborhood you’ll get a chance to explore the entire surroundings of your neighborhood. You’ll also meet a bunch of your neighbors! If you run in the wilderness it’ll be a great chance to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. All while enjoying your runner’s high!

How Much Weight Can You Expect To Lose?
This can depend greatly. One thing I can assure you of though…if you run and you run often, you will see a difference in your waistline.
Average Joe’s and even world class athletes use running to lose weight. The world famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather ran on average 8 miles per day to stay fit for competition. Football players run sprints on an almost daily basis.

One thing is clear: If you are a strong runner, you won’t have problems with weight. If you make a habit of running, you will lose weight or keep un-wanted weight off.
If you are just beginning to start your journey…take a look at this article from runner’s world. The results are incredible!
That particular article highlights the dramatic weight-loss possible from running. People of all different body types and genders, with lives completely changed due to running. Check those pictures out, they’re awesome!

But, is Running a Good Idea for You?
Long story short…absolutely! Running is a great idea for anyone looking to stay in shape and lose weight. Here’s another benefit: You don’t even need a gym membership. Gym memberships are optional. You can get started right away! Running is also the cheapest sport. If you live in a warm country that’s even cheaper because all you need is a shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of sports shoes. Lace up and run, now!

How Long Should You Run For a Day?

How long you should run for per day will depend greatly on your goals. If you want to run marathons, you’ll have to run for a long time. If you’re running to stay in shape and lose weight…you won’t have to run like you’re training for a marathon. We’ll go over both lifestyles.

Before we get into how much time you should spend running per day, let’s go over something…

What Are Your Goals?

Getting clear on your goals and why you want to run will be a major key. The reason why you lace up your shoes each morning will be what keeps you on the road. If you’re not clear on why you’re running…it’ll be that much more likely you’ll stop running. Let’s keep you healthy by keeping you on the road.

Here are a few things to consider:
• Do you want to run a marathon someday?
• Are you an athlete looking to improve performance?
• Are you looking to lose weight and stay in shape?
• Are you a hobbyist looking to have fun?

Keep all these in mind. Which one speaks the most with you? Your goal is important because this reason will be your ‘’North Star’’ when you’re out on the road. Your north star will keep you out on the road, even if it’s a bad day.

How Long Should A Hobbyist Run For?

If you’re reading this and you’re a hobbyist, your goals will be different. According to the Mayo Health clinic, the average adult should aim to exercise about 30 minutes per day. You can read that article here. Aim to run about 30 minutes per day. A high paced run for 30 minutes is plenty. If you are running at a high pace running for 30 minutes will burn your lungs out.

Keep a varied schedule. Run hills, stairs, the track keep healthy variety. Variety will keep you running long-term. It’s also a great way to build endurance and speed at the same time.
30 minutes a day is recommended for everyone. If you’re running 30 minutes per day, you’re looking good.

How Long Should Athletes Run For?
Athletes should run as long as they need to. If you’re training for a half marathon you should be running at least an hour a day.
If you’re a football player you should be on the track for at least an hour per day!

Final Thoughts
Your actions have to align with your goals. A goal without action is just a dream. If you run for health purposes only, running for 30 minutes per day is perfect. After you’re done your 30 minute run…you’re then free to do whatever you like! That could be spending time with your family or anything you like.

Athletes on the other hand, have to dedicate themselves to their craft. If you plan on compete in running, run as often as possible. It would be a good idea to run an hour per day, 6 times a week.