Will I have enough energy to run if I’m dieting?

I’m back at running after 20 years or so of not doing anything except riding my bike. And you know what? I am faster and I run longer than ever before. I’m not talking about when I was in high school and when I was able to run endlessly. Or, let’s just say, I am much better now than when I was years ago when I was overweight. Being skinnier helps me. But it’s not just that. It’s the energy. I just have much more now. Let me give you another example. When I was over 200 lbs I could barely move from my sofa after biking home from work. The daily biking beat the life out of me. Now I even take my wife for walks, play basketball with my son or even run 9 km in the evenings. In fact I walk 9 km to work in the morning and run twice a week. That is easily 60 km per week. The energy level increased so much.

Will a diet help me get rid of my beer belly?

Now this is a tough nut to crack. Beer belly it’s a thing. I have it and a lot of people after 40 still have it even after dieting, jogging, biking or whatever everyone does these days to stay in shape. Years and years of not doing any sport. So I’m kind of skinny but with belly. Not entirely a model. Push ups kills me. Walking and running don’t really help. So what then? Fasting and even lower calories intake while reducing the carbs even further. That’s my plan. Will tell you how it goes.

Bring me some meat!

I once asked the dietitian what should I eat. Because if I try to find this on internet, the amount of information is overwhelming. One quarter protein, another carbs and veggies for the rest, she said. But I came up with a better ratio, how about 100% meat? Kidding on the side but yes my menu consists in a lot of protein like eggs, cheese and meet. I would say is more than 50%. You would think my cholesterol is sky rocketing but is not. In fact this January I did a blood test to see how I am, first test in 10 years and I’m just fine. Two years ago I had blood pressure on the red and I can bet my cholesterol wasn’t great either. Getting to my normal weight just helped me in a huge way.

Enough with the diet, can I have a burger?

Call me crazy but I can have a big fatty burger from time to time and my weight won’t go up a notch. Or pizza, or pasta or anything else basically that is high in calories and rich in carbs. I know that because my Fitbit Scale tells me so. How is it possible? Imagine the opposite. Eating every day fast food and then having a salad from time to time. Will that make you healthier? I don’t think so. Same here, following your cravings from time to time won’t kill you. Just do it moderately and you should be fine. Also running a couple of kilometers or walking for 1.5 – 2 hours will help you burn that burger if you really cannot get that guilty feeling off our mind.

Do you really need to exercise if you diet?

I’m no expert but I know a thing. I lost over 40lb in less than a year just by eating healthier removing the junk food and watching the carbs. I know how it sounds but it’s true. Yes, I walk 9 km to my downtown workplace (takes me around 1 hour and 40 minutes) in the winter and I bike to work and back, in the summer (18 km per day), but mind you, summers are short in Toronto so that isn’t that much exercise. The biking and the walking are less than 800 calories burned per day. You may think that’s a lot but it’s really not. You already do that anyway if you are not literally pinned to a chair. I hope you aren’t. If you have time to practice a sport or do any sort of physical exercise, by all means do it. But if you are lazy (like I used to be), don’t feel bad. Just eat healthier.

Calories vs. Carbs

Carbs mean calories but calories don’t necessarily mean carbs. This morning for example, I had boiled eggs along with sausages. Plus some vegetables. That means plenty or calories to get me through the morning but very less or no carbs at all. An easy way to stay in shape. This morning breakfast gave me the nutrients I need. People call this low carbs diet but I’m not really dieting. Imagine a full plate of delicious meat and vegetables. Does that look like diet to you?

Are fruits good for you?

I used to eat 5 to 10 apples a day. This happened for a couple of months until I visited for the first time a dietitian.
She told me the blood sugar is important. I knew is some sort of a big deal but I always went with that word that an apple per day keeps the doctor away. So I thought why not ten a day. Just to be sure. Well, ten apple or even five put a lot of sugar into your blood stream. If you are an athlete you may need it. But I sit on my butt all day long (well I also run and walk as much as I can to compensate but it’s never enough), clearly not the case. Now, we all think, artificial sugar like the one in chocolate is bad and the one in fruits is good. But it’s all about quantity. So moderation is good. And you know what the dietitian said? For me to eat less fruits and more vegetables. Like 3 veggies for every fruit I eat. Now that’s a lot of celery!