I used to eat 5 to 10 apples a day. This happened for a couple of months until I visited for the first time a dietitian.
She told me the blood sugar is important. I knew is some sort of a big deal but I always went with that word that an apple per day keeps the doctor away. So I thought why not ten a day. Just to be sure. Well, ten apple or even five put a lot of sugar into your blood stream. If you are an athlete you may need it. But I sit on my butt all day long (well I also run and walk as much as I can to compensate but it’s never enough), clearly not the case. Now, we all think, artificial sugar like the one in chocolate is bad and the one in fruits is good. But it’s all about quantity. So moderation is good. And you know what the dietitian said? For me to eat less fruits and more vegetables. Like 3 veggies for every fruit I eat. Now that’s a lot of celery!

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