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Since is winter, at least here, why not talking about running hats? Bennies come in different forms, shapes and colors so it could be overwhelming to find something you would like. But I’m here to help you. Ready for it? Let’s go!

First of all, how much heat do you generate or in other words how much do you sweat? I’m somewhat in the middle of the pack, I know some friends I have they are all red faced when they run while others are cool as a cucumber. I’m sweating but not that much. I also noticed, I’m quite hot at the beginning of the run but after 10 km or so, my body cools that means I need a running hat that is warm but keeps the sweat away because the sweat is what gets me cold when my body stop generating that much heat.

Secondarily, where do you run, how cold it is out there? I’m in the northern hemisphere in a four seasons climate. The winters are harsh but is far from being North Pole which makes choosing a proper running hat a bit challenging. I really have to check the temperature twice and pay attention to the what is feels like with windchill before I chose the hat to wear.

Ideally, like with other running clothing, the running hats you will use will be breathable to keep the excessive body heat and sweat away. So let’s look at a couple of hats brands that I believe are great. I personally use Under Armour. I do it for years but they get quite sweaty so recently I started shopping to hats. Here are my findings, hopefully there is something for you as well.

One of the running hats that I like is this one from DDDW. I like that is simple and it comes in multiple colors. My all time favorite color for running gear is black but it’s great to have options just in case you want to match your non-black running clothes.
If you run in a windy area, this running beanie will help because it has an elastic closure. It’s simple but fashionable, it might make you look like a geek – a running geek that is. Made out of soft fabric will feel great and will leave your head dry when running. DDDW Beanie is neither thick or thin, just the perfect amount of fabric.

DDDW Beanie Hat Wool Skull Cap

Stuff I like:

  • simple yet modern could be worn by anyone, active or not
  • multiple selection of colors
  • great price
  • feels great, breathable

Things I don’t like:

  • depending on what you are used to wear it could feel cheap
  • non brand so if you are into brands it might not be something appealing

Another skull cap for running I noticed is this. Like the one I just talked, EPorter Skull Cap is a simple running cap that will also be great for all outdoors activities. If you complement your running with hiking, skying, cycling or whatever cool kids do these days, this running hat could be for you.

EPorter Skull Cap

The comparison between EPorter Skull Cap and DDDW Beanie end here though. EPorter Skull Cap has more to put on the table, or well, to put on your head if I’m allowed a little pun. Let’s see why I think this hat is great.

First of all, is better insulated against low temperatures, wind and rain.It’s made of a waterproof polyester, comes with fleece lining inside to keep you warm in the winter and cool when is warmer. It also covers well your ears. I use a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds when I run and I like when I can cover my ears to keep them from falling. This hat will help with that.

Another thing worth mentioning is how well done the flat stitching sewing is. You know when you are sweating that not-so-comfortable feeling you have with your hats that makes you keep adjusting them? Well, with this one all that goes away. Great!

If you read my article about finding a winter running jacket, one of the factors to count when looking for one was having reflective elements to make you easier to spot at night. EPorter Skull Cap has a 2 reflective logos. It’s seen obviously only from front but it’s still better than nothing.

What I like:

  • simple construction same as DDDW Beanie but with additional padding and weather protection
  • reflective logos in front and in the back
  • covering the ears
  • thick, resistant fabric

What I don’t like:

  • not as fashionable, it looks more like a sports hat than one to wear with your winter parka
  • only one color, black

With XGEAR Skull Cap we get into more technical thermal hats. This is a different level. First of all it’s designed for both men and women runners. The hat has a cut at the back for a pony tail. In my honest opinion looks great and I bet it could be very practical.

XGEAR Skull Cap

This one features reflective panels as well, one big X on the left side and 5 stripes on the right. Also like EPorter Skull Cap, this beanie covers your ears as well.

It’s snug but stretchable featuring a moisture wicking fabric that keeps you warm and dry. Could be worn under a bike helmet because it follows the helmet shape and it’s fit.

Things that I like:

  • made for sports people, it has everything someone would ask for
  • 2 reflective elements for night running similar to EPorter but sideways
  • keeps your ears warm for that long cold run
  • stretchable
  • winter proof against cold and rain

What I don’t like:

  • modern but not so fashionable, clearly designed with active people in mind
  • comes in one color, black
  • stitching a bit prominent might make it not-so-comfortable over long periods of time

If you run in really cold temperature I would say get the XGEAR Skull Cap. It really insulates you against the cold weather elements. Also the reflective panels are really a nice touch. If you want something in between fashionable and active gear go for EPorter Skull Cap. Though I must say EPorter Skull Cap could be as warm as XGEAR Skull Cap but is less sporty which makes it more adequate for other activities or just daily life in general. Does it work with office clothes? Probably not but the DDDW Beanie will. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preferences.

With these many options these days it’s really hard to not find something on your taste. Good luck with your shopping and let me know in your comments what running hat you end up getting. Cheers!

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