Top 3 best running shoes for wide feet

I don’t have wide feet but wide shoes always make me feel comfortable especially when I run. Hence when I’m shopping for running shoes I try to buy wide when possible. Unfortunately not all brands carry wide but that’s why I’m here, to help you find a nice pair of wide running shoes that will help you go the extra distance. Literally. On board? Let’s do it!

The trick when choosing wide shoes is not only the width but also the material they are made of. People with wide feet have also sensible toes, especially the little one. It’s happening over the years because of bad shoes. So when buying wide shoes it’s important that the upper mesh to be comfortable. Personally I love sock like shoes so if we can find a couple of pairs for you to chose from that wrap your feet like a sock that would be perfect.

Another trick when choosing running shoes is to pick one size bigger because when you run there is increased blood flow in your body especially in your legs and feet and the swelling during the run and post run will make your feet expand.

So this is what we’re looking:
– size E, 2E or 4E for men
– size E or 2E for women
– sock-like knitted top mesh
– pick up one size bigger

4E is considered extra wide for men and 2E is considered extra wide for women. Some brands like Nike use X-Wide instead of 4E as in the table below:

nike wide and extra wide sizes

First thing we will do is identifying what brands out there make wide shoes. Like I said not all of them do that or at least not all models are coming in wide sizes.

One pair of shoes I truly like are Axelion from Puma. Puma might not be the most popular brand among runners these days but man aren’t they comfy!

Mens Axelion Wide Running Shoe

Made of a breathable knit fabric with good cushion inside, great heel and mid foot support and durable carbon rubber to last long on pavement running these shoes are not only great for running but could be used anytime as day shoes as well because they look great.

My pair of Mens Axelion Wide Running Shoe

They come in various colors, mostly available on Amazon, like Asphalt Black, Black & White, Puma Black Quiet Shade, Quarry-quiet Shade-red Dahlia, Sodalite Blue-puma Black, Sodalite Blue-puma Black and my favorite color Puma White-gray Violet.

Things I like:

  • the upper breathable mesh offering a nice snug
  • wide selection of colors
  • could be use as daily shoes as well – meet for a run with your friends then change clothes and go enjoy a nice cold after run tea
  • no plastic / rubber around toes gives a true sock feeling
  • soles with memory gel for comfy walk / run

Things I don’t like:

  • the back heel part is a bit too high and might bother with ultra low no-show socks. When buying this you may need to also look for socks that go with it.
  • the hard inner / outer material while locking down the feet might feel rough on long runs
  • much heavier than my Under Armour Bandit 3. Puma weight: 13 oz vs 9.14 oz
  • rubber sole with not a pronounced thread might be slippery on wet pavement. Definitely not a trails shoe

Another wide running shoe that I like is Nike Men’s Revolution 3. This shoe has a great upper mesh too. You can see a pattern of what I like I guess already, don’t you? But the truth is, once you try knit-fabric type of shoes it’s hard to go for anything else. It feels that good.
Nike Mens Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Made out of a breathable upper mesh, phylon foam for added cushioning and comfort and a responsive but long lasting rubber outsoles these shoes are great for running being very light (even lighter than my Bandit 3 under Armour at only 8.8 ounces), very breathable, responsive with a good pavement grip and stylish as well.
Nike Mens Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Things I like:

  • wide size and a great selection of colors to chose from
  • great fit, easy to put on and take off
  • very light, like I mentioned above they are even lighter than my Under Armour, at only 8.8 ounces
  • sock feeling
  • good grip on the sidewalk

Things I don’t like:

  • like with all Nike shoes and products in general, the price could be an issue. The best part is there are plenty of Nike clearance stores to hunt around for a price that fits your budget
  • the laces and insoles may appear thin and less durable though I found them sturdy enough for at least a full year of running
  • depending on how heavy you use them, they construction might not be as sturdy this being in part because of the knit shoe style there is not much reinforcement. They feel great and comfortable at the price of not being that sturdy.

Next is Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 Running Shoe.

This shoes are light, good looking and easy on the feet yet sturdy and will last long. I found them great for both long distance (I run up to 30 km sometimes up to 35 km at once in my training) but for speed work and hill work as well.

Breathable, good heel lock, looking stylish with thick foam outsoles, I like, Ravenna 10 are ones of my favorite. Just a note before buying, because of the high arch these shoes won’t work that great for neutral runners.

Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 Running Shoe

With a 9.4oz just short of the 9.14oz compared with Under Armour Bandit 3 (and just .4oz heavier than Brooks Mens Launch 6), these shoes hit all the marks – good looking, light, comfortable and durable.

Talking about Brooks launch 6 I really like this color: Blue/Teal/Nightlife:

Or this (Oh, hey America!). But more about Brooks brand and why I believe they make great running shoes in a future post.

Things I like about Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 Running Shoes:

  • looking very good, great for both running and that stroll in the park
  • added support to help non-neutral runners
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole provides responsiveness but great cushioning as well
  • GUIDERAILS HOLISTIC SUPPORT SYSTEM to help reduce the strain on the knees therefore less knee pain and issues
  • great for all type of running from long distance to speed and track work, inside on the treadmill as well as on the road

Things I don’t like:

  • the upper mesh like with any other highly breathable knit type of fabric might wear off easily
  • not a big fan of the back of the shoe, I believe is prone to chafing with lowe profile socks so you might need taller socks
  • if you are coming from Ravenna 9 these shoes might feel not as comfortable as 9

All 3 wide running shoes I talked about today are great but for different reasons. Out of all 3 Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 seem to be the one covering the largest type of running (track, road, treadmill, speed work or long slow runs). Nike Men’s Revolution 3 are stylish and more with the modern trends in fashion and could be word easily as street sneakers as well for running. Versatility is not their strongest point though, what I think they really thrive for is the fact that they are very light, feel very good and provide great breathability so depending on the amount of effort you put in during your runs as well as the climate you run in, Nike Men’s Revolution 3 could be the best wide running shoes to run in heat.

I left Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 to be the last not because they are last but quite the opposite, because they are my favorite. Probably I like them so much because they are stylish but practical as well. I could definitively imagine myself wearing them with jeans at work then changing to running shorts and running the neighborhoods. Because the shoes these days have to be versatile, it’s a pace world the one we are living in and being able to switch easily from one type of activity to another is great.

No matter what shoes you decided to buy out of these 3 ones, you cannot go wrong. Let me know in your comments what you like and what you don’t if you decided to go with one or another.

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