My first 10k run and why you can do it too

I just finished my first 10 km run ever. I used to run a lot when I was in high school so I might have had better runs, but for now, this is my best so far I remember.

I started the day with my daily 9 km walk to my work, from midtown where are live to downtown area. That takes usually around 1 hour and 30 minutes. I felt stuffed after yesterday, it’s the Romanian tradition to eat till you drop for Easter. So I did. Today I felt guilty but I recovered quite fast and in the afternoon I knew I’m gonna have my first 10k run this evening. I also felt bad because I was supposed to run yesterday as part of my 2-days run per week, preparation for the 10k sportinglife run. One more reason to push myself on the track today.

I ran 10.3 km, the race took 51:46 min at a pace of 5:01 minutes per kilometer. I was a bit slower than usual since I usually stay under 5 min but hey, it was a 10k run and I’m happy about it.

first 10k run
first 10 km run on strava

It’s the first time this year I run in a shirt only (bye Under Armor fleece) and I congratulate myself because I became hot really fast despite the cold wind. It’s also the first time I ran quite effortlessly. I regularly feel pain in my body, muscle aches and discomfort but I believe the trick is to find my rhythm and keep at it all the way. So I’m just guessing my rhythm is around 5 m/km. Also the sleep the night before has a huge impact on my level of energy. I must have gotten a good rest.

I usually start strong, then get tired and run slower and then towards the end I find my pace and I run constantly on an upward trend, finishing even faster than I start. Today it kinda happen the same though the second part of the run was clearly slower than the first half.

While I was running I felt that everyone can do it. Everyone can run. Maybe not 10k from first but I believe anyone can run a couple of kilometers right of the bat with no training.

Here some things I do that help me with my running and hopefully it will help you too:

  • I created a great running music playlist and I crank the volume up a notch so I don’t hear myself when I breath heavily. My breathing gets steadier and smoother after the first kilometers though but at times, at the beginning at the race at least, I can hear myself breathing and that might stop me if I hear it all the time.
  • I selected the music by BPM. My playlist has in between 120 to 135 BPM and it’s also all positive and jumpy and that helps me with my mood and make me push harder and longer
  • I switched from my old Merell shoes to New Balance and that alone ramped up my pace to about 30 seconds per kilometer. Unreal!
  • I don’t eat or I have only a bite before run.
  • I have a little water, maybe half a glass or even no water at all before run.
  • Sometimes I take a 30 min nap, sometimes, like today, I jump directly in my running clothes, put my shoes on and I go running right after work. I noticed the more I stay and think of it and the more I plan the run, the more tiresome I get mentally and that usually doesn’t make for a great run

Try these and let me know how it goes for you. Cheers for a better run!

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