Running in heath

I ran Saturday night in 27C heat a 10k and I almost gave up, that hot it was after 10PM! My legs were jelly way before finishing. It seems hot is not my friend. However I did the same route, another 10k yesterday and while it was still hot it wasn’t that bad like the day before so I almost beat my personal best time, with a pace of 4min 46sec per km. Not bad at all. My new shoes might have helped, experimenting these days with a pair with better cushion because of my plantar fasciitis.

One thing I noticed from the time it started being this hot is that I am really thirsty after my runs. Before, I didn’t even feel I wanted to drink water after a 10k but now all I do after getting home is gulping 2-3 glasses one after another. Also having a cold watermelon or Santa’s melon helps me cool down easily. I checked my heartbeat on my fitbit and it’s easily over 10 heartbeats over my regular, even close to 200 per minute which is insane. I was literally dropping sweat on the elevator floor last night. And I always thought winter is the worst. How do you cope with hot weather?

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