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I signed up for Sporting Life 10k run race here in Toronto. It’s on May 14, exactly one month from now. I’m excited and scared in the same time. So far I didn’t get the chance to run more than 8.8 km. Yesterday I created a 10 km running route on Strava and I will have to stick to it until the race. I’m​ pushing hard when I run. My best time is 4:38 minutes per kilometer but I’m​ usually close to 5 min. I should be fine if I stay below 5. I signed up for the 3rd wave and I’m suposed to finish under 55 minutes for the blue ribbon. It means my average pace per kilometer should be below 5:50. I guess I shouldn’t be concerned. Still I’m yet to run a full 10 km. And I know the last kilometers make such a difference.

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