Thoughts on running (I)

My first 10k runs were all stiff but I noticed if I move my body a bit more I run easier. I rotate now slightly from left to right when I run, syncing my arms movement with my strides. Makes me less tired at the end. I’m not sure why but this extra motion helps me.

Another thing I started in the last runs is alternating different strides and it works to my advantage. For example I run one-two kilometers with large strides, then I run with smaller ones balancing left and right when I move. Then I run more like a robot, stiff for some time and I repeat. Think of the Terminator running after Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. Alternating different movements and running styles keeps my mind also busy.

I noticed that I run faster, longer and with less effort when I think about stuff. It’s usually work related. If I can keep my mind busy with something and forgetting about the fact that I run, I definitely can run more.

I start slower now and build speed over time. I noticed that if I run this way, I don’t get tired that easily.

When I broke the 8k barrier I skipped the walking 9k to work thinking that it will help me not getting tired for the run in the evening. However, I once went for a run in a day when I also walked to work. The weather was too nice to not run. What happened was against my expectations, I ran at last as easily as when I didn’t walked in the morning.

And one more thing. What it surely throws me off is a bad night of sleep. That alone puts me down, especially if I had a few drinks the day before. The level of energy is much lower than in any other circumstances.

What did you observe when you run? Tell me about your running journey?

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