Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

Is Running Good For Weight Loss
Is Running Good For Weight Loss

Probably there is no other question about running than this one. In short, yes, running is an incredible way to lose weight. Not only is it a great form of exercise…you can have great fun while doing it! One of the major reasons why running is great for weight loss is that it can become addictive so you might end up running for fun while losing weight. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

By now, we’ve all heard of the ‘’runners high’’. It’s a genuine phenomenon that happens to everyone. Before we get into all that good stuff though…

Running Is One Of The Oldest Sports In The Whole World!
The oldest recorded, in fact. For as long as humans have been alive…we’ve been running. The earliest recorded Olympic Games in ancient Greece were in 776 BC! The history of the Olympic Games is quite interesting. Whether for fun, sport or even for hunting…running has been a staple exercise for humans.

Running is an Addictive Way to Lose Weight!
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually be addicted to daily exercise? Running works just like that. There are several reasons why running is not only a great way to lose weight, it’s actually addictive. Here are a few reasons…

The runner’s high is a real thing. The runner’s high is when your body gets a rush of endorphins while exercising. You’ll feel a sensation of pleasure come over you as you run. It could be 15 minutes into the run…or even 30 minutes into your run, it’ll come over you and it will feel great!

Here’s another major key: When you run (if you do it outside) it’s almost like taking a trip! If you run throughout your neighborhood you’ll get a chance to explore the entire surroundings of your neighborhood. You’ll also meet a bunch of your neighbors! If you run in the wilderness it’ll be a great chance to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. All while enjoying your runner’s high!

How Much Weight Can You Expect To Lose?
This can depend greatly. One thing I can assure you of though…if you run and you run often, you will see a difference in your waistline.
Average Joe’s and even world class athletes use running to lose weight. The world famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather ran on average 8 miles per day to stay fit for competition. Football players run sprints on an almost daily basis.

One thing is clear: If you are a strong runner, you won’t have problems with weight. If you make a habit of running, you will lose weight or keep un-wanted weight off.
If you are just beginning to start your journey…take a look at this article from runner’s world. The results are incredible!
That particular article highlights the dramatic weight-loss possible from running. People of all different body types and genders, with lives completely changed due to running. Check those pictures out, they’re awesome!

But, is Running a Good Idea for You?
Long story short…absolutely! Running is a great idea for anyone looking to stay in shape and lose weight. Here’s another benefit: You don’t even need a gym membership. Gym memberships are optional. You can get started right away! Running is also the cheapest sport. If you live in a warm country that’s even cheaper because all you need is a shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of sports shoes. Lace up and run, now!