I hiked over 100k this week

Grange Park Toronto

If you think running 20+ km for 5 days in a row is hard, try walking the same distance. It’s exhorting. Long distance is tiring no matter what you do.

It’s also the time spent on a task that ads up. I spent close to 4 hours walking per day and this was only the commuting. I topped 24k steps per day. If I put the lunch walk and everything else in between it’s a lot.

Cedarvale Park Toronto

Fitbit workweek challengeTop of everything it was hot in Toronto, dump even at 7 am in the morning. About a third of the way I walked through the Cedarvale ravine and while usually is nice and cool in the mornings, this week was a mess. I was dripping sweat midway already.

I tried to do two things. First I set a workweek steps challenge on Fitbit with two friends (I lost short of 5k steps) and secondary I plan to walk both ways for a long time so I did. I usually walk to work in the morning which is about 9k. Hiking is time spent with myself so the more the better. I love it.

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