I’m back at running (for some time)

I completely neglected my little online running journal so I just wanted to give some updates for that lonely user who happen to end up on my blog (most likely by a Google algorithm mistake).

First, I do quite good now, the injury went away but I still have some pain in my left leg when, I run, especially over 20 km. I guess it will never go away completely but who knows, I’m not a doctor. Hopefully it won’t bother me at all one day.

I started running longer capping a good mileage per week, a couple of days ago I even top up 77 km. Depending on how seasoned runner you are, that might not be huge in your world but it definitely is a personal record.

My commuting stays in between me and my happiness with those 4-5 hours daily but hey I found a couple of ways to run even so. One is running right after 5 on Dufferin, north of the office, then on Davenport and south back on Christie. It’s 10k and one even I even went north to Eglinton, running 17k. But running after work is hard. Anything after 10k and I feel the burn and the exhaustion.

Two nights ago I ran 24k but the plan was 27-28 and man, wasn’t that a drag to do even 24k! Again, it’s hard to run long distances after my 9 to 5 work. I’m considering doing 10k, 3-4 days a week for the after hours run and longer distances Saturdays and Sundays. Fits me better.

And one more thing, the nutrition and hydration are crucial for long runs. I used to make fun of people running with bottles around their waist, looking like Christmas trees but not anymore. I started taking with me a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade plus a Protein Builder bar and man, that makes a difference! But more on hydration and nutrition while running in a future blog post.

See you on the run!

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